Skye - £ 9.99

Author ­– Norman Newton

This handy guide book for visitors to the Isle of Skye covers everything you need to know about the island’s heritage, landscape, climate, flora and fauna. Perfect for planning your visit to Skye.

Old Skye Tales - £ 8.99

Author – William Mackenzie

A compilation of lore, legend, tradition and incident from the Isle of Skye. It contains a large amount of information on the geography of the island along with sections on crofting, the Church, local superstitions, sayings, second sight and even local characters past and present.

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Jurassic Skye - £ 13.95

Author - Sarah White & Dugald Ross

Dinosaurs & other fossils of the Isle of Skye.
The Isle of Skye is justifiably famous for its dinosaur fossil, in particular some spectacular footprints and trackways.

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Skye Mini Guide - £ 6.95

Author – Charles Tait

The perfect handheld guide that covers the history, archaeology and economy of Skye. This is a trimmed down pocket size version of Charles’s larger popular book ‘The Isle of Skye Guide Book’.

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Mysterious Skye - £ 14.99

Author ­– Geoff Holder

From the dark corries of the mighty Cuillin Hills to the dramatic caves and cliffs of its stunning coastline, the beautiful Isle of Skye is alive with tales of ghosts, fairies, clan battles, Celtic mythology and witchcraft.

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Skye - The Legends - £ 8.99

Author – Otta Swire

Otta Swire takes the reader on a journey round the island, introducing a huge variety of tales and legends on the way. A lovely introduction to Skye as well as a fantastic treasury of legend and wonder.

Skye Guide Book - £ 12.95

Author – Charles Tait

A detailed guide book covering natural history, archaeology, history and the economy of Skye. It is well illustrated with photographs and Ordnance Survey maps. A informative guide for anyone visiting the Isle of Skye.